Information regarding general practice funding and NHS care

From April 2024 general practice is entering a very difficult financial period. The core funding that we rely on is increasing by only 1.9%. Last year our core funding was increased by 2.2%. Against a back drop of inflation at 10% last year and 4.8% at the beginning of this year, this means a significant cut to our budget. Other parts of our budget are not being increased at all and some are being cut completely.

Unless the funding situation improves, we will have to reduce the GP services that we offer. Many of you will know that we already struggle to match the demands on the NHS. You may feel that any decrease in appointments with us is unacceptable. We agree, and GPs across the UK recently voted to reject the current contract in search of something which gives patients what they deserve. Please bear with us whilst we wait to hear whether the government listen to our concerns. We will let you know if further action is needed and what support you might be able to give us. In the meantime, if you’d like further information or to write to your MP, please follow the link below:

Published: Apr 17, 2024