Partners together

If you would like help to give up smoking then please book an appointment with a health advisor at reception. Below are resources for anyone affected by smoking, drugs or alcohol.

Can I come on my own? 
You can see the doctor or nurse on your own, with your parent or with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. They are even able to speak on your behalf if necessary.

Does my parent/guardian need to know? 
It is important that you fully understand the treatments offered to you. If your doctor or nurse is happy that you can make decisions regarding your treatment then you do not need to tell your parent/ guardian.

Is my information kept private?
No one will tell anyone that you have been to the surgery unless you give permission. There are exceptions to this, such as if you are in danger of harming yourself or other people. The video below provides more information on this.

What happens when I arrive at the surgery?
You can either tell the receptionist that you are here so they can tell the doctor or you can ‘touch-in’ on the check in screen screen in front of you.

VIDEO on Visiting your GP