Pharmacy Team

We have a Pharmacy Team comprising of 3 Clinical Pharmacists, 1 Pharmacy Technicians and 2 Care Coordinators.

We support our clinical teams across Shoreham Health Centre, Manor Practice and Northbourne Medical Centre.

Their roles and responsibilities involve:

  • face to face and telephone-based structured medication reviews
  • offering advice on medications - side effects, dose changes
  • monitoring of high risk medication
  • ensuring medication is prescribed safely
  • resolving day-to-day medication-related issues
  • delivering specialist clinics - Asthma, COPD, Hypertension (with more in the future)

You may speak to any member of the Pharmacy Team about medication related matters e.g. when you have started new medication, or you have been recently discharged from hospital.

Ameet Vaghela Ameet Vaghela Lead Clinical Pharmacist Leandro Zanardi Leandro Zanardi Clinical Pharmacist Mariana Nashid Mariana Nashid Clinical Pharmacist Tonetta Ryall Tonetta Ryall Pharmacy Technician Brogan Blake Brogan Blake Medicine Management Care Coordinator Kate Page Kate Page Medicine Management Care Coordinator