Solidarity Ukraine

Adur Health Partnership is supporting fellow GP colleague Dr Bruce Allan and a charity called 'Solidarity Ukraine'.

We are collecting and donating any spare dressings (ones going out of date or we no longer have a use for), and other medical supplies to support the people of Poltava, Ukraine.

Donations will go to 'Poltava City Hospital number 2', a designated hospital which takes casualties from the Field hospitals on the front line.

Pictured here is Alexei, one of their surgeons. Last year he did 500 amputations, and he spends the rest of his time operating on osteomyelitis from dirty shrapnel wounds, and cleaning and redressing open wounds under GA. Solidarity Ukraine is working with local consultants to try and source medical equipment to support Alexei to perform operations, but he also needs dressings – lots! It really doesn't matter about size or brand or expiry dates – he just needs more.

Poltava town is about 1 hour west of Kharkiv where much of the fighting is going on at the moment. Lots of displaced people from Kharkiv are now in Poltava.

We would like to ask anyone reading this post to consider helping us with this worthy cause. If you have any dressings or toiletries or other supplies which you no longer need, please drop them to reception at any of our AHP practices and we will ensure they are shipped to Poltava in the June shipment. Even a small amount would help and it all adds up!


Published: May 22, 2024