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Many young people suffer with mental health problems and often find it hard to know where to go for help. If you are feeling low, anxious or feel you are not coping then book an appointment with a Doctor. We can help!

The links below are specially designed for young people who need help with their emotional wellbeing. DocReady is a website that can help you prepare for seeing a doctor about your mental health.

Looking after your mental health

It’s OK not to be OK
Click here for Information and resources for children and young people.

Looking after your childs mental health

Click here for Information and resources for parents and carers

A fantastic website with lots of videos and information about mental health.

Use this website to find local services in the Shoreham area. You can contact Youth Emotional Support (YES) via this link!

Free confidential Online counselling for young people


2 brilliant ‘mindfulness’ websites with cool videos to help with stress, anxiety and low mood

A website for anyone affected by eating disorders or difficulties with food

2 websites to help young people who have lost a loved one.

Counselling service for children and young people

If you need to talk, about any problem, Childline and Samaritans are always available

A helpful website for preparing to see the doctor