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Patient Information

Shoreham Health Centre are having automatic doors installed on Monday 31st January.

The doors will be installed on the main front doors and on the doors on the Western Road side for disabled access. You will not be able to access the Health Centre via the main doors on this day, access will be via the car park. Thank you for your understanding.

January 26, 2022

Practice closed for Training 25th January 2022

Tuesday 25th January 2022 – Practice closure for the afternoon for essential staff training.
In order to improve the service we provide for you – our patients – we will be closed from 12.30pm on Tuesday 25th January 2022 for clinical and non-clinical training.
There is still an urgent service available should you need to access healthcare during the afternoon and if you do need NHS help during this time please call 01903 444980. This number is for urgent matters only that cannot wait until we are open again.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but hope that you can understand this activity, which will ensure we are able to provide you with the most up-to-date and best possible health services.
The practice will open again at 8am on Wednesday 26th January 2022.
January 24, 2022

Help us help you this Winter

Help us help you this Winter

To help you stay well over winter, support your wellbeing and make the right choices about the services available to you please follow this link Help us help you this winter – Sussex Health & Care Partnership


Dear patient

Please follow this link  for some help and support information on managing your diabetes. The information is provided by the NHS Sussex Health and Care Partnership and will help you stay well this winter.

Heart Failure

Dear patient

Please follow this link for some help and support information to help you manage your heart failure. The information is provided by the NHS Sussex Health and Care Partnership and will help you stay well this winter.


Dear patient

Please follow this link for some help and support information on managing your COPD. The information is provided by the NHS Sussex Health and Care Partnership and will help you stay well this winter.


Dear patient

Please follow this link for some help and support information to help you manage your asthma. The information is provided by the NHS Sussex Health and Care Partnership and will help you stay well this winter.

Mental Health

Dear patient

Please follow this link Look after your mind – Sussex Health & Care Partnership  for some help and support information to help you manage your mental wellbeing. The information is provided by the NHS Sussex Health and Care Partnership and will help you stay well this winter.

January 18, 2022

Patient Update

There has been a lot in the national media recently about how GP practices are working, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you what you can expect, currently, as one of our patients.

Firstly, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your support since the pandemic started and even more so over the past year as we merged our three surgeries into Adur Health Partnership. Like many, we had to change the way we work very quickly because of COVID and that has only been possible because you, our patients, have adapted to these changes with us. We’d like to reassure you that we are open and still need to know if you are unwell or worried about your health.

We are providing face-to-face appointments, as well as supporting people over the phone and online. Face-to-face appointments will be offered when they are medically needed and can be with a range of health professionals working within the practice, depending on the support you need. Using a mix of face-to-face and phone appointments allows us to keep the number of patients and staff on site to a minimum if we have to, and ensures we can all socially distance if you do need to come into the practice.

We are asking that if you need our help and support, you still call us first if you are able. We know that some people have struggled to get through to us on the phone or had a long wait and we thank you for your continuing patience. Talking to you helps us understand what kind of support you need and how urgent it is, meaning we can work out the best way for you to receive help.

We have seen an increase in telephone calls since the start of the year; we are working to try to meet this demand and support all of our patients. In the last month we answered 19,382 calls, and made 16,576 calls. Since the start of the pandemic there has been a 33% increase in demand for appointments with GP surgeries and a 3.9% increase in appointments. We know that some people have put off seeking medical support, some as a way to try and protect the NHS, but we are committed to making sure all of our patients who need our help can receive it.

Whilst we recognise that not everyone has access to a computer, smartphone or tablet, we do want to make you aware of:


  • eConsult – you can use this from the front page of our practice website it’s available from 8am until midday, Monday to Friday. Requesting our help via eConsult is the same as booking an appointment at the practice. There is no need to phone the practice as well and we will deal with your request based on your medical needs by 6:30pm the next working day.
  • The NHS app – owned and run by the NHS, it is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services, including ordering prescriptions, viewing your medical record and proving your vaccine history.

If you have a question about the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit the information at in the first instance, if you are able. The websites have answers to common questions and where you can get help.


We want to reassure you we are and always have been open and working hard to provide a good service and patient care. We understand that on occasion, the incorrect media portrayal of general practice has unfortunately created a great deal of anxiety for our patients and we want to reassure you our team is working hard to be the best we can be. We welcome feedback from our patients so that we can share when things go well and learn when – and how – we can make things better. We welcome your suggestions which can be communicated via our website or practice email at


We do ask that you please continue to be respectful and kind to our teams, when you are speaking to them and with comments online & social media. We want to enable a culture of mutual respect and we have a zero tolerance policy on verbal and physical abuse. No patient, carer, visitor, staff member or volunteer should ever be subjected to abusive or antisocial behaviour or language. Appropriate action will be taken if this does occur. We are always grateful to our patients for the respect and the care you show our entire team, and we hope you experience the same in return.


Thank you for your support.

December 23, 2021

COVID-19 Booster Update

We’ve added 4500 covid vaccination appointments at Northbourne Medical Centre over the festive period.

If we had a mobile number on your records we will have sent you an invitation by text. If we don’t have a mobile number for you or your relative, please ring your registered surgery to book an appointment and update us with a mobile contact.

Our staff are putting in many extra hours to protect our local community and we’d love to see you if you are due a vaccine.

The Government have instructed the NHS to prioritise services in primary care and across the NHS to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme until the 31st December. We will still be able to see urgent and emergency patients but some other appointments will need to be postponed. Since the announcement we have created over 2000 vaccination appointments, and are planning to make many more available. We will be texting all patients over 18 booking details. If you don’t have a smart mobile phone please speak to our receptionists to arrange your booster.


Message to our patients – update on the COVID-19 booster programme

Across Sussex the NHS and its partners are working extremely hard to roll out the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme to our communities.

All adults are eligible from Monday 13 December, and you will be able to book via the National Booking System from Wednesday 15 December.

You can book your booster for 3 months from the date of second vaccine, and you can access the National Booking System to book the appointment from 2 months.

We are working at pace to increase the availability of appointments so that there are plenty of options for people on the National Booking System. Some local vaccination services will also contact patients directly.

New appointments are being added every day across our vaccination services. We have been offering more than 80,000 appointments a week and in the last two weeks we have increased the number of available appointments by more than 10,000 a week. Further availability will come online from Wednesday 15 December.

We will be working with all of our sites to take further steps to increase what they can offer again, including opening later and on more days.

All of these appointments will be added to the National Booking System and so we encourage everyone who is aged 18 and over, is yet to have their booster and who is approaching 3 months from your second vaccine to use the National Booking System to arrange your appointment when you are able to do so.

In terms of any planned appointments with Adur Health Partnership’s four surgeries, there are no changes at the current time and you should attend your planned appointments as normal. If we need to make any changes, we will contact you directly.

See more about the vaccination programme in Sussex, including the vaccination services: COVID-19 vaccinations – Sussex Health & Care Partnership (


Adur Health Partnership are now delivering both the covid booster and flu vaccines. We are working 7 days a week, vaccinating patients on Saturdays and Sundays (8-2pm) so as not to disrupt our weekday care. Each weekend we are giving between 1000 and 2000 vaccines but even at this speed it will take quite a time before we can offer the covid boosters to all 15,000 eligible patients. We would encourage you to consider using the national booking system to arrange a covid booster at other centres such as Brighton when you get the NHS text or letter.

The booster is the Pfizer vaccine (now known as Comirnaty) and can be given from 3 months after your second dose. We are also delivering 1st doses, second doses and for some groups of immunosuppressed patients an early 3rd dose. Please click on the link for national guidance on eligibility for boosters:

We will invite patients through an Adur Health Partnership text or phone call so please don’t call in until you’ve had our invite. We have finished vaccinating our hundreds of care home residents and have vaccinated the majority of our bedbound patients who are unable to attend the Northbourne vaccination centre.

We would be very keen for anyone who hasn’t had their first or second doses to book in at this stage. Please contact the surgery and if you’d like, we’d be very happy to discuss any concerns which might have made you hold back.

Thanks for all your support at this difficult time.


December 22, 2021