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Adur Health Partnership are now delivering both the covid booster and flu vaccines. We are working 7 days a week, vaccinating patients on Saturdays and Sundays (8-2pm) so as not to disrupt our weekday care. Each weekend we are giving between 1000 and 2000 vaccines but even at this speed it will take quite a time before we can offer the covid boosters to all 15,000 eligible patients. We would encourage you to consider using the national booking system to arrange a covid booster at other centres such as Brighton when you get the NHS text or letter.


The booster is the Pfizer vaccine (now known as Comirnaty) and can be given from 6 months after your second dose. We are also delivering 1st doses, second doses and for some groups of immunosuppressed patients an early 3rd dose. Please click on the link for national guidance on eligibility for boosters:


We will invite patients through an Adur Health Partnership text or phone call so please don’t call in until you’ve had our invite. We are over halfway through vaccinating our hundreds of care home residents and once this is complete we will start to plan for any bedbound patients who are unable to attend the Northbourne vaccination centre.

 We would be very keen for anyone who hasn’t had their first or second doses to book in at this stage. Please contact the surgery and if you’d like, we’d be very happy to discuss any concerns which might have made you hold back.


 Thanks for all your support at this difficult time,


Mark Halloran

Vaccination Lead GP

October 19, 2021 Categories: General News